Happy birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Published 3:11 PM ET, Mon April 11, 2016
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Beverly Cleary's first book, "Henry Huggins," was published in 1950 and quickly became a hit. Click through to see early-edition covers of other Cleary hits. Harper Collins Publishers
Beezus Quimby wants to be a good older sister, but 4-year-old Ramona doesn't make it easy in "Beezus and Ramona" (1955), especially when her tendency toward chaos may end up ruining Beezus' birthday party. Harper Collins Publishers
Readers first met Ribsy in Cleary's first book, "Henry Huggins." The beloved dog finally gets a book of his own in 1964's aptly named "Ribsy." Henry's dog is known for getting into scrapes, but this one may be the worst of all: He's in the wrong station wagon with the wrong children!
Harper Collins Publishers
Unlike other mice at the Mountain View Inn, Ralph wants a life of adventure. In 1965's "The Mouse and the Motorcycle," Ralph gets more than he asked for when a young guest checks into the inn with a mini-motorcycle. Ralph just knows it was meant to be ridden by a mouse. Harper Collins Publishers
Ramona never means to be a pest, as fans of "Ramona the Pest" (1968) know well. It's just so hard to keep still and behave when she starts kindergarten. Harper Collins Publishers
A cat named Socks has all the love he needs from his owners, the Brickers, until a new baby enters his life in 1973's "Socks." Now, he must share their attention with baby Charles William, and he starts getting into lots of scrapes to get more attention. Harper Collins Publishers
When there's trouble at the Mountain View Inn, "Ralph S. Mouse" (1982) decides to take a break from the inn and head to school with his human friend, Ryan. Although Ryan's friends like Ralph, the independent mouse doesn't like being bossed around. (Who does?) Harper Collins Publishers
Everything's going to be better in "Ramona's World" (1999), as Ramona Quimby starts fourth grade with a new baby sister and new best friend. Cleary's last book, however, doesn't let Ramona off the hook. Harper Collins Publishers