Sanders thanks Bill Clinton for 'being my psychoanalyst'

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  • "I appreciate Bill Clinton being my psychoanalyst," Sanders told CNN's Jake Tapper
  • The 42nd president said questions about Hillary Clinton's qualifications arose from "different standards"
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New York (CNN)Bernie Sanders on Friday offered Bill Clinton a sarcastic thanks for his "psychoanalyst" work after the former president suggested attacks on his wife's White House qualifications were attributable to "subconscious" double standards.

"I appreciate Bill Clinton being my psychoanalyst," Sanders told CNN's Jake Tapper during an interview for "State of the Union." "It's always nice, but the reality is that ever since Wisconsin, when that became the sixth out of seven states that we have won in either caucuses or primaries, I think the Clinton campaign has made it public, basically, they have told the media that here in New York, they're about to become very negative, about to beat us up."
    Questioned by a reporter earlier in the day if "gender was a factor" in the debate over whether Clinton is qualified to be commander in chief, the 42nd president said, "Yes, I think there are some different standards. Some of them are subconscious."
    Sanders has insisted that Clinton instigated the ongoing fight, and that he was only defending himself when he cited her 2002 Iraq war vote and willingness to accept super PAC support as evidence she isn't "qualified" to be president.
    It was a line of attack the Vermont senator called on again during his comments to Tapper.
    "A candidate like Secretary Clinton, who voted for the disastrous war in Iraq, who has supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement that has cost us millions of decent-paying jobs and receives incredible amounts of money -- we're talking about tens of millions of dollars through a super PAC, from every special interest that you can think of, from the billionaire class -- I have my doubts about what kind of president she would make," Sanders said.