Ben Carson: Donald Trump worried about his Twitter 'problem'

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  • Trump's use of social media has won him headlines, but occasionally controversies as well
  • Carson has occasionally acted as a surrogate for the campaign

New York (CNN)Donald Trump believes his aggressive use of social media, most notably his prolific Twitter presence, is a "problem" for the campaign, according to Ben Carson.

Conservative host Joyce Kaufman, a Trump supporter, suggested to Carson on Thursday that the bombastic GOP front-runner should shut down the account.
"We talk about it and a number of people talked about it, including his family," Carson told Kaufman on South Florida's 850 WFTL, in an interview reported by BuzzFeed. "And he knows that it's a problem. So, you know, the first part of solving the problem is recognizing that it exists."
    The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.
    Trump's unyielding use of Twitter as a vehicle to advance his own message and slam his opponents has won him headlines and attention, but also created numerous controversies that have damaged his candidacy.
    Most recently, he conceded that retweeting a mocking image of Heidi Cruz, the wife of rival Ted Cruz, had been a "mistake."
    And earlier in the campaign, Trump retweeted a post from a racist account called @WhiteGenocideTM and, falling prey to a stunt by Gawker, retweeted a quote in February attributed to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.
    Carson, who endorsed Trump days after dropping out of the primary race in early March, has occasionally acted as a surrogate for the campaign.
    Last week, the retired neurosurgeon traveled to North Dakota as part of an effort to lobby state delegates and party brass to back Trump at the national convention in July.