CNN Student News - April 8, 2016

CNN Student News - 04/08/16


    CNN Student News - 04/08/16


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April 8, 2016

An in-depth report leads off Friday's edition of our show. We're bringing you highlights from an exclusive interview with the director of the U.S. Terrorist Screening Center. We're exploring what the organization does and what concerns its officials the most. Also featured: a wooden chair that recently fetched $349,000 at auction because of its former connection to a famous author.
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1. On Sunday, the first passenger flight in 12 days took off from what European capital?
2. In Italy, a team of archaeologists has unearthed a stone slab dating back to the 6th Century B.C. What ancient language is believed to be written on it?
3. Under a new, international deal involving the European Union, migrants who illegally enter Greece will be deported to what country?
4. As reported on Tuesday, about half of the available tickets have been sold to what upcoming event in Brazil?
5. In what U.S. state would you find the world's busiest airport, according to a new report by Airports Council International?
6. What name has been given to the 11 million documents that have linked officials around the world to a law firm in Central America?
7. In what U.S. state did Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders win the most votes on Tuesday?
8. In what U.S. state did Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant sign a controversial religious freedom bill into law this week?
9. What organization, which opposes the death penalty, recently released a new report on a global increase in capital punishment?
10. Christopher Piehota, whose CNN interview appears in Friday's show, is the director of what U.S. organization?
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