Parenting debate: Should a 9-year-old reporter cover a homicide?

Hilde Kate Lysiak, age 9, publishes the Orange Street News in her Pennsylvania town.

Story highlights

  • After a kid reporter broke a story about a homicide, critics pounced on social media
  • Parents are divided over whether they would let their kids cover a violent killing

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(CNN)When Hilde Kate Lysiak got a tip about a homicide in her small town of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, she confirmed it with the police department and then went to the scene to interview neighbors and get more information.

She worked the story "very hard," she wrote in an op-ed for The Guardian, before posting her story on her site, the Orange Street News, well before any of her competitors.
Her exclusive ended up going viral, but not because of the story she broke. It was her age that got people talking.