Trump to give series of policy speeches

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  • Donald Trump will deliver a series of policy speeches after Wisconsin's primary on Tuesday
  • Trump will outline specific proposals on various topics

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump will depart from his unscripted speaking style and deliver a series of policy speeches in the coming weeks after Wisconsin's primary on Tuesday.

Trump, who has been vague about the details of most of his bold policy proposals, will outline specific plans on topics like education reform, the U.S. military and the types of justices he would nominate to the Supreme Court, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski confirmed.
The speeches were first reported by The Washington Post.
    Trump typically speaks with few notes, and while he has shared details of his positions in policy memos over the past year, questions still surround many of his landmark proposals. Trump did deliver a prepared speech at a major pro-Israel summit last month, which was well-received and assuaged many conservatives nervous about his positions on Israel.
    Trump is suffering from one of the most tumultuous periods of his front-running presidential campaign.