Melissa McCarthy dominates in lip sync battle

Melissa McCarthy dominates lip sync battle
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    Melissa McCarthy dominates lip sync battle


Melissa McCarthy dominates lip sync battle 01:20

Story highlights

  • "The Boss" star took on Jimmy Fallon in a lip sync battle
  • Her performance of "Colors of the Wind" received a standing ovation

(CNN)Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to lip sync battles, but even he couldn't best Melissa McCarthy.

The actress agreed to go up against the lip sync veteran while she was on "The Tonight Show" to promote her new film "The Boss."
"I don't get nervous a lot," she said to Fallon. "I am pretty freaked out about crushing you."
    Fallon kicked it off with Melanie's "Brand New Key" and fumbled around the stage with an invisible pair of roller skates. It was an impressive (and dedicated) performance, but McCarthy quickly bested him with DMX's "X Gon' Give It To Ya." The expressions on the faces of Fallon and members of The Roots are almost as fun to watch.
    The props came out for the second round, although Fallon used only a pillow to accompany his performance of Zayn Malik's "Pillow Talk." In true boy band form, he writhed on the floor and silently belted out the chorus. But it was quickly pretty clear that he was destined for second place when McCarthy put on a pair of construction glasses.
    "I'm obviously going to close with a song from the 'Pocahontas' soundtrack," she told the audience.
    Alan Menken's "Colors of the Wind" began as the curtain behind McCarthy revealed a picturesque forest and leaves started to fall. Fallon was shaking his head (all he had was a pillow), but the best was yet to come. The elements from the song were all there -- water, (stuffed) animals, flowers -- plus some glitter and confetti, for good measure.

    Surprise on @fallontonight Jimmy & I get Krazzzzy

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    When it was all said and done, McCarthy had to lift her glasses so she could see the audience's standing ovation because she was covered in the assortment of "props" that had just been thrown at her. Fallon declared her the champion.
    So, yeah, she's a boss in her new film and at lip syncing.