2016 Election

Lil Dicky gets political about election coverage and unsafe sex

Story highlights

  • The rapper says he'd rather watch ESPN
  • He says too many people are having unprotected sex

(CNN)There are two things rapper Lil Dicky doesn't care for: how politics is covered and unsafe sex.

And Dicky, or David Burd (as he's known to his friends and family), talked about both in an interview with CNN before his recent performance at the music festival South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.
"I'm actively uniformed in the sense that I make no real effort to inform myself, and that's a shame," he said.
    Burd said he thinks he's like many people in that he opts for ESPN over politics coverage because election coverage is often "the most boring-looking person ever in, like, a set."
    Burd told CNN he uses his music to reach a new kind of an audience, one that may not have existed before the Internet. He said he never wanted to be a rapper — instead, he wanted to be a comedian, and somehow rap music became the way to enter that arena.
    However, the 28 year old from Pennsylvania said the one issue he's very serious about is practicing safe sex — he's recently partnered with Trojan condoms to release a PSA video on the subject.
    "So many of my friends will just like casually have unprotected sex with somebody they've never met...I think we as a society have gotten incredibly laissez-faire about wearing condoms."