John Kasich: 'The problem with Senator Cruz is he has no record'

Why Cruz wants Kasich out of the GOP race
Why Cruz wants Kasich out of the GOP race


    Why Cruz wants Kasich out of the GOP race


Why Cruz wants Kasich out of the GOP race 01:11

Story highlights

  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich's campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Friday Ted Cruz "distorts truth"
  • The Texas senator has urged the Ohio governor to get out of the race

Washington (CNN)Ohio Gov. John Kasich is turning up the heat on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

"The problem with Senator Cruz is he has no record," Kasich said Friday at a campaign stop in Hershey, Pennsylvania. "His record is shutting down the government and making everybody he works with upset. Now maybe he ought to talk about what he's for going forward because what he's been for in the past hasn't worked."
The comments were notable for a candidate who has tried to establish himself as above the fray in an otherwise raucous political season. But as the race to the nomination intensifies, the rivalry between Kasich and Cruz is growing.
    A super PAC supporting Kasich, New Day for America, cut a new ad Thursday attacking Cruz using "Lyin' Ted" -- a teasing nickname started by Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner.
    Kasich, who's prohibited by from coordinating with his Super PAC, said he didn't like that the ad called Cruz a liar, but said he won't sit silently as the Texas freshman continues to attack him.
    "I have a right to stick up for what I believe in," he said. "But that's a direction I don't want to go."
    The Cruz campaign did not respond immediately to CNN's request for comment.
    The Texas senator has repeatedly said Kasich needs to drop out, claiming that it is impossible for the governor to win the delegates needed to become the nominee.
    The senator's team sees Kasich's candidacy as a vanity-driven effort destined to hand Trump the GOP nomination.
    "You're not electable if you can't win elections," Cruz told Wisconsin conservative radio host Charlie Sykes on Thursday. "He's lost 30 nationwide."
    Kasich's campaign manager John Weaver said Friday that the Texas Republican "distorts truth."
    "Fact Cruz distorts truth, but ads about Cruz should focus on divisive record, no chance to win, not get into playground mud tussle with him," he tweeted.
    Weaver also retweeted an attack accusing Cruz of "making something up" when discussing issues.
    "Lyin' Ted is a one trick pony. If he can't beat you on the issues he just makes something up," he re-tweeted.