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Hillary Clinton toured a business in Syracuse, New York

A general manager suggested making manufacturing "sexy" in order to attract younger people

Syracuse, New York CNN —  

Hillary Clinton wants to make manufacturing “sexy.”

During a business roundtable in Syracuse, New York, on Friday, Laura Miller, the general manager of Darco Manufacturing, suggested making manufacturing “sexy” in order to attract younger people into manufacturing jobs.

Clinton wholeheartedly agreed.

“Gotta make it sexy. I agree with that,” Clinton said to laughs.

Miller, though, came with ideas.

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“If you could maybe have one of your Hollywood friends redo ‘Flashdance,’ that would be great. It would just be great,” Miller said of the iconic – and cheesy – 1980s movie.

Clinton, laughing, went along with the plan.

“I don’t think that’s a silly idea. Seriously. Because in talking to a lot of manufacturers and technical education sites like this one, they say the biggest problem is that a lot of parents don’t encourage their kids to go into advanced manufacturing even though if they get the skills, they can make a really good living at it,” Clinton said. “So we’ve got to lift up those jobs and we’ve got to, you know, have some TV shows about them and have some characters about them, and ‘Flashdance’ is a great suggestion because we’ve got to make it, as you say, ‘sexy.’”

Clinton pledged during the roundtable with small businesses to invest $10 billion as president in a plan to reinvigorate American manufacturing. Clinton’s campaign has said it will pay for the plan by taxing companies that leave the United States after taking federal and state subsidies.