CNN talent: 80s and today

Updated 4:46 PM ET, Wed April 6, 2016
Alison Kosik splitAlison Kosik split
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As CNN looks back at "The Eighties," we asked our anchors and hosts to share photos of themselves from the era. Here, Alison Kosik is ready to "Pump Up the Jam" at a homecoming dance in 1986. CNN
Alisyn Camerota is all smiles on her first day of high school in 1981. CNN
Did you know Anderson Cooper rowed crew at Yale? In 1987, his friend Andrea captured him sporting a classic Bulldogs ringer tee. CNN
Years before "Parts Unknown" host Anthony Bourdain spent his days and nights crisscrossing the globe in search of little-known destinations and diverse cultures, the decorated chef perfected his knife skills as a restaurant worker. CNN
Here is Ashleigh Banfield just prior to her graduation from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. The "Legal View" host said, "The hair was cut off the following year, at the start of my broadcast career!" Nearly four decades since this 1988 photo, Banfield's tresses have never looked better! CNN
What do you get when you cross a crimson-red cummerbund and bow tie with a signature scarf and a pair of white gloves? The future "Wonder List" host Bill Weir in a classic 1985 prom photo! CNN
Even as a baby, Brian Stelter always had his watchful eyes on trending media. Here, he reviews cartoons while perched on dad's knee. Years later, Stelter hosts "Reliable Sources," keeping CNN viewers up to date on all things happening in the world of journalism and beyond. CNN
From her classic '80s bracelets to her modern-day on-air persona, Brooke Baldwin has always maintained an authentic and colorful style. Years before she hosted her own CNN program, Baldwin was a natural in front of the camera. CNN
A newswoman through and through, Carol Costello poses for Columbus Monthly Magazine in 1988. At the time, she was an anchor in Ohio and the magazine wanted fashion tips. "I told them my 'do took many layers of hairspray," Costello recalled. "It simply did not move no matter what." CNN
Years before she'd spend her days hustling through the halls of Congress, Dana Bash was equally formidable on the soccer field. In this 1980s shot, Bash displays the same killer instinct that would later prove critical as an intrepid reporter in Washington. CNN
Quick wit, authentic approach and good looks? Yes, that's right. Years before hosting his prime-time CNN show, Don Lemon was camera-ready as a model in 1989. CNN
According to Elise Labott, this photo is one of several wild eighth-grade graduation parties. "Gotta love those perms," she said. "Thanks, Mom!" CNN
Once a Panther, always a Panther! In 1983, future CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield stood head and shoulders above the field as she got ready to graduate from Paint Branch High School in Burtonsville, Maryland. CNN
Gloria Borger with Vice President George H. W. Bush and her eldest son, Evan Morgan in 1986. "We were out for a walk at St. Albans and the veep, George H. W. Bush, was out on a run!" CNN
Even as a youthful college freshman, Jake Tapper has always personified poise and presence. Here, with his dad on the campus of Dartmouth, the future host of "The Lead" appears ready for a big future. CNN
Long ago, John Walsh dedicated his career to helping others and bettering society. Here, with then-President Ronald Reagan, the future host of "The Hunt" earns a well-deserved handshake for all his good work. CNN
A crisp white shirt and elegant tie is always in style! At left, future "United Shades of America" host Kamau Bell poses for his grandmother's 75th birthday in 1981. CNN
Here's Kate Bolduan in 1988 with her family at an elementary school function. She is the one with the stylish side-ponytail standing in front. CNN
Hats off to Kyra Phillips for this iconic '80s snapshot! Now an HLN host and CNN personality, the seasoned broadcaster is still sporting her trademark ear-to-ear grin. CNN
As an on-the-go tech reporter, Laurie Segall enjoys an occasional caffeine burst to keep her on her toes. But her love of coffee is hardly limited to present day. This 1987 photo serves as historical evidence to her sweet tooth, as she digs into a dish of coffee ice cream. Scooping the frozen treat out of coffee mugs was "a tradition at my grandma's place," Segall said. CNN
Jewel tones are always on trend! In 1986, Lynn Smith perfected the microphone skills that would later serve her well as an HLN host. CNN
In 1988, "I guess you needed oversized hair when your clothes and coat were equally too big for you," Michelle Kosinski said. "And my mouth can barely contain my oversized, silver, wraparound braces!" CNN
Michael Smerconish was about to begin at Lehigh University when he met Ronald Reagan at a Philadelphia hotel in 1980. Smerconish said that when he got to campus, he formed a Reagan/Bush club and later worked as an advance man for Vice President George Bush. 
"Wide-eyed and excited for the future," Michaela Pereira said about her high-school graduation photo in 1988. CNN
Poppy Harlow celebrates her father's birthday in Minnesota. CNN
The typical '80s hair was not reserved for rock bands! HLN's Robin Meade displays the iconic 'do that served as the decade's signature style. CNN
Dr. Sanjay Gupta wears a white tuxedo while attending his high school prom in Novi, Michigan, in 1986. CNN
Who didn't love Madonna in the '80s? S.E. Cupp strikes a pose at her Madonna-themed birthday party in 1989. CNN
Tom Foreman: Always the consummate professional, especially when he was covering crime in 1987. CNN
Being on television didn't always come naturally for Wolf Blitzer. Always passionate for journalism, Blitzer started his career as a young print reporter. CNN
The hair up there! Here's CNN president Jeff Zucker in his high school yearbook photo, back when he ran the "Crimson," his school paper. CNN