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Former beauty queen delivers tearful thank you to Trump

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Melissa Young, who participated in Trump's Miss USA pageant, is suffering from a terminal illness

Trump is providing financial support to her and her young son

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Donald Trump says it was the most beautiful moment he’s had on the campaign trail.

At a rally on Tuesday, former Miss Wisconsin Melissa Young – who told Trump she is suffering from an incurable illness – emotionally thanked the billionaire developer for helping her and her young son financially.

“I wanted to thank you,” Young said as she stood up in the crowd at the campaign event in Janesville, Wisconsin.

“Because through you and your organizations, my son, who is Mexican-American, seven years old…and just being able to stand on that stage with you in 2005, and the outpouring of love that came from that ultimately provided my son when he graduates high school with a full ride to college.”

“I remember that. Such a beautiful woman,” Trump said.

Young says she is suffering from autonomic failure, which causes parts of the nervous system to shut down, and that the disease is incurable.

She recalled that when she was hospitalized, Trump wrote her a letter in which he called her “the bravest woman I know.”

Trump had promised he would watch over Young’s son, Jack, but assured her she would get better.

“We’re going to be watching your boy,” Trump said Tuesday. “But you’re going to hopefully be around, and you’re not going to have to have anyone watching. Believe me, those doctors are going to be so wrong.”

Young said, “What you’ve done for him, now he has a great responsibility to pay it forward. Just as you have done for us.”

Trump, who was visibly touched by the mother and former pageant contestant, made his way into the crowd to hug Young.

“She was so unbelievable yesterday,” Trump said Wednesday on “Fox and Friends” when he was asked about the moment. “There was nothing so beautiful as what she did. It’s the most beautiful moment I have had since campaigning for president.”