Top aide undercuts Trump on Cruz connection to super PAC ad

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump's campaign manager appeared to contradict the presidential candidate in a radio interview on Tuesday when he said that Ted Cruz has no connection to the super PAC that put out images of Trump's wife.

Speaking on the John Fredericks Show, a Virginia talk radio program, Corey Lewandowski started by denying that the Trump campaign had anything to do with an unsubstantiated tabloid story alleging Cruz had multiple affairs. That story quoted former Trump campaign official Roger Stone.
"I can tell you unequivocally that this campaign, nor anyone associated with this campaign, had anything to do with this story," Lewandowski said. "Roger Stone is someone who does not work for the campaign, was a consultant to the campaign up until August of last year and I've had no communication with Roger Stone since August of last year, and I don't think, the campaign hasn't either."
    Lewandowski added: "For the Cruz campaign to equate that Roger Stone is part of this campaign is akin to us saying that the super PAC that put out the pictures of Melania Trump is part of their campaign. Now they can deny that, and they can say they have no communication, but the two are exactly equal."
    Cruz has accused the Trump campaign of being behind the tabloid story, which he says is untrue, pointing to the former campaign official Stone's involvement.
    "The bottom line is Roger Stone is as much tied to this campaign as the super PAC that leaked that is tied to the Cruz campaign," Lewandowski said.
    His statement seemed to undercut the claim that Cruz was responsible for the wife pictures.
    As recently as Tuesday night at CNN's town hall, Trump argued that the Cruz campaign was indeed behind the pictures.
    "Everybody knows he sent it out," Trump told moderator Anderson Cooper.
    When asked for proof, Trump said,"He knew the people in the super PAC. He knew -- I would be willing to bet he wrote the phrase" accompanying the picture.
    Legally, candidates are not allowed to coordinate with super PACs, and Cruz and his campaign have denied involvement.