Justin Trudeau shows off his mayurasana, also known as peacock pose.
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It looks like Vladimir Putin has some competition for the title of most athletic world leader.

Sure, the Russian President might spend his free time shirtless horseback riding and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama can dance the tango, but the Internet is going ga-ga over a photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showing off his yoga abilities.

Users on social media have been sharing the picture, which Trudeau tweeted originally in 2013, after a Mashable story brought renewed attention to the 44-year-old doing an advanced arm balance known as the peacock pose, or mayurasana.

In a move that would make Indian PM Narendra Modi – himself a noted yoga practitioner – proud, Trudeau grins as he holds himself up horizontally with just his wrists.

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Taking after his father, the late former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau who was also a yogi and judo brown belt, the younger Trudeau has always shown an athletic streak.

He worked as a snowboarding instructor in the 1990s. One of his former snowboarding students recalls how Trudeau was fond of reciting poetry on the slopes. (He had a short stint as a high school drama teacher too.)

“I have this very vivid memory of him reciting Shakespeare verses while teaching us turns,” Sonalie Figueiras told CNN. She took lessons from Trudeau as a 16-year old in Whistler, British Columbia.

“He was reciting in proper iambic pentameter. He was just trying to make it fun,” she said. “He was being very amusing, doing turns and twists on the board on the side of the mountain.”

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Still not quite convinced of his athleticism? Have a look at Trudeau’s Instagram, where the young prime minister often documents snippets of his life.

Other politicians may kiss babies but Trudeau prefers to balance them on his hand.

Holding up his son Hadrien.

He’s been spotted dog-sledding in Yellowknife.

Taking his family out on a boat. (Trudeau’s wife Sophie is a certified yoga instructor.)

Gearing up for the ring.

Playing rugby.

Like father, like son. Trudeau even showed mastery of the unicycle.