The queer black millennial who plans to shake up Georgia politics

Story highlights

  • Park Cannon is the Georgia representative for District 58
  • Cannon is a 24-year-old black woman who identifies as queer
  • Cannon hopes to represent groups that are underrepresented in Georgia's conservative legislature

(CNN)One day this month, for the first time in her scant four weeks as a state representative, Park Cannon used her microphone in the chamber of the Georgia House of Representatives to ask a question.

It concerned Georgia's "religious freedom" bill, a piece of legislation that she said would lead to discrimination against gay and transgender people.
"Wouldn't it be true that if this bill is passed, as amended, that in a domestic violence situation, in a same-sex couple, that person could be denied care?" Cannon asked on March 16.
    "And of course, their answer was yes," she said in an interview.
    That night, the Georgia General Assembly passed the bill, leaving its fate to Gov. Nathan Deal, who announced Monday that he will veto it.
    Corporations including Disney, 20th Century Fox and Time Warner (CNN's parent company) had urged Deal to veto the legislation. Some even threatened to take their business out of state if the bill became law.
    But financial concerns aside, Cannon focused on the human toll of the religious libert