Hookers, hotel rooms and hooch sink U.S. Navy captain

Hookers and hotel rooms sink U.S. Navy captain
Hookers and hotel rooms sink U.S. Navy captain


    Hookers and hotel rooms sink U.S. Navy captain


Hookers and hotel rooms sink U.S. Navy captain 01:57

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  • Capt. Daniel Dusek is the highest-ranking official official charged in a Navy bribery scandal.
  • Ten people have been charged and nine have pleaded guilty

(CNN)The party's nice while it lasts, but the hangover can be a real headache.

U.S. Navy Capt. Daniel Dusek was sentenced to 46 months in prison Friday for giving classified information to a foreign defense contractor.
In exchange, he got prostitutes, luxury travel and loads of other freebees, including booze.
    "Captain Dusek's betrayal is the most distressing because the Navy placed so much trust, power and authority in his hands," said U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy. "This is a fitting sentence for a man who was so valuable that his conspirators labeled him their 'Golden Asset.'"
    The 49-year-old is the highest-ranking official charged in the massive Navy bribery scandal. He pleaded guilty in January last year to a single count of conspiracy to commit bribery. He's been ordered to pay $100,000 in a fine and restitution.
    Dusek was deputy director of operations for the Seventh Fleet. He later served as executive officer of the USS Essex and commanding officer of the USS Bonhomme Richard.
    He admitted to using his influence to benefit Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA). For decades, the contractor provided port services to U.S. Navy ships and Dusek would steer them GDMA's way.
    According to his plea agreement, he hand-delivered Navy ship schedules to the GDMA office in Japan or emailed them directly.
    Ten people have been charged in the scheme and nine have pleaded guilty. One awaits trial.