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Donald Trump is entering the final stretch of the 2016 Republican primary contest

Editor’s Note: This post was updated after primaries and caucuses March 22, April 5, April 19 and April 26. It will be updated more as new delegates are awarded.

Donald Trump is closing in on the Republican presidential nomination.

Following his Super Tuesday sweep, Trump enters the final 10 contests of the 2016 Republican primary race in a strong position to capture the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination and avoid a convention showdown. He currently leads the pack with 991 bound and unbound delegates, trailed by Ted Cruz, at 568, and John Kasich, who sits third among the remaining GOP hopefuls with 154.

Cruz and Kasich have already been mathematically eliminated from reaching 1,237 before the convention. But Trump now has a good chance, although he’ll need to perform well in Indiana, where recent polls suggest a tight race, and in the four remaining winner-take-all states. What’s more, the biggest prize of all, California, does not hold its primary until June. It’s nearly impossible for him to clinch the key delegate threshold before the last races.

This map shows how we got here. To date, 1,970 bound and unbound delegates have been contested.

There are 502 delegates left in the remaining contests:

Possible outcomes

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2016 Delegate Tracker - (Cruz, Kasich join forces to stop Trump)