CNN Student News - March 18, 2016

CNN Student News - 03/18/16


    CNN Student News - 03/18/16


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March 18, 2016

We're bringing you a wide array of events today, from the U.S. government's declaration that ISIS is committing genocide to the sentencing of an American student in North Korea. We're covering SeaWorld's decision to end its orca breeding program, and we're taking a look at a wearable sort of airbag that could better protect motorcyclists. And we'll show you a fox with a sense of humor.
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1. As featured on Monday's show, what kind of animal were researchers studying in South Africa as part of an effort to prevent future virus outbreaks?
2. What American Founding Father is credited with proposing the idea behind daylight-saving time?
3. What nation's military began withdrawing from Syria this week after saying its goals there had been reached?
4. This weekend's equinox, when day and night are about the same length, is the first official day of fall in what hemisphere?
5. NASA's RS-25, which was developed in the 1970s, used in space shuttles, and is now being tested for future missions, is a type of what?
6. This week, the Obama Administration reversed its decision to allow oil drilling in what body of water?
7. What is the name of the natural phenomenon that's characterized by warm, Pacific Ocean temperatures and is helping bring rain to drought-stricken California?
8. What part of the U.S. government provides advice and consent concerning the president's nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court?
9. What is the term that the U.S. government is using to describe the ISIS terrorist group's mass murder of Christians, Shiite Muslims and Yazidis?
10. SeaWorld is planning to end its performance and breeding programs of what kind of animal?
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