Tuesday's 5 Things: It's all about presidents today

Delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday No. 3

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(CNN)Today is all about presidents. Choosing one in Myanmar. Pressuring one in Syria. Freestylin' with one in the U.S. It's Tuesday, and here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.


Pullout or pulling a fast one?: One thing about Putin: The man likes to keep us on our toes. Six months ago, he suddenly sent his troops into Syria. Now, just as suddenly, he's announced he's bringing his boys back home. This could mean one of two things: Putin's now confident in the Syrian regime's ability to go it alone in crushing the rebels. Or he wants to pressure Syrian Prez Assad into negotiating in peace talks. Or both. There could be a third reason: Russia's economy is in the crapper, thanks to falling oil prices, and now's not the time for expensive war games. This doesn't mean curtains for Assad. He still has the support of the Iranians and Hezbollah. Plus Russia's keeping an air base in Syria.
    Peace talks comes amid fragile ceasefire
    Peace talks comes amid fragile ceasefire


      Peace talks comes amid fragile ceasefire


    Peace talks comes amid fragile ceasefire 02:47


    Here we go again: Remember the good ol' days, when there was just one Super Tuesday? Now, we're up to three. Seriously, the primaries are giving "Fast & Furious" a run for its money. What's at stake today? The very soul of the GOP. For Republicans dead set on stopping The Donald, it's the final chance to block his path to the party nomination. But not if he wins Ohio and Florida. Ditto for Hillz, who can gut Bernie by winning the same two states. Who's gone when the curtain comes up? The fat lady is clearing her throat for Mr. Rubio. Here's your guide to Super Tuesday 3.
    Donald Trump on rallies: There's not much violence
    donald trump rally violence vstan orig cws_00002826


      Donald Trump on rallies: There's not much violence


    Donald Trump on rallies: There's not much violence 02:38


    Tin Jaw: That's how you pronounce the name of Myanmar's new President. Learn it. The country's parliament has chosen Htin Kyaw as the new leader, bringing decades of military rule to a close. So why not Aung San Suu Kyi? Because, thanks to a clause in the constitution put in place by the junta in 2008, no one with kids who're citizens of another country can be president. (Her sons are Brits). No biggie. Suu Kyi says she'll be "above the president." Game, set, match.
    Htin Kyaw is the new President of Myanmar.


    It's a dangerous job: The Maryland cop killed in an unprovoked attack on a police station wasn't shot by the suspects. It was friendly fire that took his life. A fellow officer "inadvertently shot" Jacai Colson during the firefight in Prince George's County over the weekend. What we don't know is why Michael Ford launched the ambush while his brothers shot video. In a separate incident last night, three Chicago cops took bullets in a run-in with a narcotics suspect. All three will survive. Across the nation, more than 100 officers were shot last year. Forty-two were killed.
    3 Chicago officers shot; injuries not life-threatening
    chicago police officers shot presser sot presser_00000025


      3 Chicago officers shot; injuries not life-threatening


    3 Chicago officers shot; injuries not life-threatening 00:56


    Say what?: Former Gawker editor A.J. Daulerio, who posted portions of Hulk Hogan's sex tape, says he was merely practicing journalism. That's his defense in Double-H's $100 million invasion of privacy lawsuit. "It can come off as pretty callous ... but that is the job of a journalist, to put information out there that's fair and accurate," he testified yesterday. This is the same guy who said in his deposition that he'd refuse a sex tape only if it was of a 4-year-old child. Sheesh, no wonder people despise reporters!


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