A Syrian family's journey to Europe

Published 8:45 PM ET, Sun March 13, 2016
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Somar, bottom right, rests during a train ride to Serbia. Italian photographer Alessio Mamo documented Somar and his two sisters as they traveled through numerous countries to Germany. Alessio Mamo
A close-up of Somar's Syrian passport, along with money and a few other objects. Alessio Mamo
Lubna, Somar's 14-year-old sister, walks in a field of sunflowers in Edirne, Turkey. Alessio Mamo
Somar and a friend, Ali, buy life jackets in Turkey before crossing the sea into Greece. The family paid a smuggler 1,000 euros each ($1,100 U.S.) to get them into the country. Alessio Mamo
Somar and friends swim on Kastellorizo island, a famous tourist destination, two days after landing on Greece soil. Alessio Mamo
Somar and his sisters take a selfie with friends in front of an Acropolis photo in Athens, Greece. Alessio Mamo
Refugees wait to enter a U.N. camp in Macedonia. Alessio Mamo
Somar and his sister Salsabil open a box of canned food inside a U.N. camp. Alessio Mamo
Lubna cries on a train. Only in Germany do Somar's sisters realize they might never return to Syria. Alessio Mamo
Salsabil fixes beds inside a transit refugee camp. Alessio Mamo
Somar buys a train ticket to Schwabisch, Germany, where his brother Mousab lives. Alessio Mamo
Somar talks with his brother and other friends after reaching Schwabisch. Alessio Mamo
Somar spends time with Mousab, his sister-in-law and his nephew in Germany. Alessio Mamo