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Sen. Marco Rubio explained why he opposes many efforts to tackle climate change, saying that often solutions environmentalists suggest are not good policies.

“They are asking me to support public policies that will do nothing to effect the environment but will have a direct and immediate impact on our economy,” Rubio told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.” “I think that’s a terrible trade-off … anyone who stands for that is called a ‘denier?’ These guys are off on their own crusade here but it’s just not good public policy.”

Asked by Cuomo, “why not embrace the science though?” Rubio responded by saying that while there is a consensus among scientists “that humans are contributing to what’s happening in our climate, there’s no consensus on how much of the changes that are going on are due to human activity.”

During CNN’s Republican debate Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked the Republican presidential candidate why he won’t take former President Ronald Reagan’s approach to the environment by embracing scientific findings and backing “an insurance policy in case the scientists are right.”

The Florida senator replied that proposed policies to curb climate change “will do absolutely nothing” to improve the environment, but will “make America a harder place to create jobs.”