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Jeremy Meeks – better known to most as “hot felon” – is back with two major pieces of news: He’s a free man, and he’s starting a new career as a model.

After his mugshot went viral on the Stockton, California, police Facebook page in June 2014, he’s garnered gobs of attention – and that’s leading the way to a new life.

The 32-year-old posted a pic on his official Instagram account (yes, he has one) Wednesday with Jim Jordan of White Cross Management. Meeks says in the caption: “I want to thank my family and everybody for all your love, support, and prayers, I’m overwhelmed and grateful for what lies ahead.”

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Meeks introduced Jordan as his new manager in an Instagram post in early 2015, while he was finishing up his stint in a Nevada prison. He served a 27-month sentence for felony gun charges after being arrested in a gang sweep called Operation Ceasefire in Stockton.

Jeremy Meeks’ social media fame grows

Meeks seems ready to start a new chapter in his life – and, of course, reunite with his wife and children, whom he’s posted about frequently on his Instagram account.

When Meeks’ story made headlines again last year, HLN confirmed his modeling deal with White Cross, a talent agency based in New York and Los Angeles. White Cross’s Jordan told ABC News last year that he was looking to book modeling, reality show and endorsement deals for Meeks.

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And Meeks isn’t the only one in his family with lust-worthy features. A recent photo with brother Emery is also quite popular on Meeks’ Instagram.

Can it be long before someone gives that guy a modeling contract, too?