CNN Student News - March 11, 2016

CNN Student News - 3/11/16


    CNN Student News - 3/11/16


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March 11, 2016

At a formal meeting in Washington, D.C., the leaders of Canada and the U.S. discuss their common ground. In a Japanese ghost town, a farmer remembers his life before a devastating earthquake and tsunami. And in a laboratory, scientists manage to grow plants in soil similar to that of Mars, but the crops may not be safe for people to eat. These stories and more are all featured this Friday!
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1. On what continent would you find the nation of Macedonia, which recently restricted access for migrants from Syria and Iraq?
2. In what nation would you find the Tungurahua volcano, which has been erupting on and off for more than 16 years?
3. What South American nation, led by President Dilma Rousseff, saw its gross domestic product drop by 3.8 percent last year?
4. Who served as U.S. first lady from 1981 to 1989?
5. The Levant is a region of countries located on the eastern shore of what body of water?
6. In what eastern African country is the base for the Al-Shabaab terrorist group?
7. What international holiday, which has been observed annually on March 8 since 1921, has been sponsored by the United Nations since 1975?
8. What animal is responsible for more human deaths than any other animal on the planet?
9. In what year did a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami strike Japan, leading to meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant?
10. Name the prime minister of Canada, who recently arrived in the U.S. for an official visit to the White House.
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