Fiorina dismisses her past criticism of Cruz

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  • "Ted and I have disagreed on tactics ... but we've never disagreed on goals," Fiorina said
  • "Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two sides of the same coin," she said

Washington (CNN)Carly Fiorina defended her past attacks on Ted Cruz Thursday, saying while they disagreed on tactics they've always had shared goals.

The ex-rival of Cruz endorsed him Wednesday, despite charging in the past that the Texas senator is "just like any other politician."
"Ted and I have disagreed on tactics. When the Democrats were a majority in the Senate, I did not think we were going to succeed on repealing Obamacare. But we've never disagreed on goals. Obamacare has to be repealed," Fiorina told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on "New Day."
    "I think Ted Cruz has been remarkably consistent about his principles," Fiorina added. "He absolutely is challenging the status quo, which is why he's made enemies in Washington."
    The former Hewlett-Packard executive said Cruz is the only Republican presidential candidate who can beat front-runner Donald Trump, who Fiorina unfavorably compared to Hillary Clinton.
    "I do believe that Donald Trump has to be beat at the ballot box," Fiorina said. "Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two sides of the same coin. Hillary Clinton has made millions selling access and influence from the inside. Donald Trump has made billions buying off people like Hillary Clinton."
    Though Trump is widely seen by supporters as an "outsider" candidate, Fiorina called him part of "the system."
    "Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the system. They're not going to reform the system. It doesn't matter what they say," Fiorina said. "So they're going to preserve that system for the big, the powerful, the wealthy and the well-connected."