Chinese woman writes four books with her toes

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Born with cerebral palsy, Sun Lukang has been writing with her feet since age 7

She loves literature and has published four books

Beijing CNN  — 

Sun Lukang has written four books with her toes.

Born prematurely with cerebral palsy and unable to use her arms, she started writing Chinese characters with her feet at age 7, and switched to typing in 2002 when her parents bought her a computer.

“It was really difficult to write with my feet at the beginning; the pen would always slip through my toes,” she says. 

“But I was eager to do it well. I kept practicing until I got blisters. I finally got the hang of it after three months of practice.”

Over the past 10 years, she has published four books and written more than two million words in various genres, including poetry and essays. The books are sold in local bookstores in the coastal city of Qingdao in China, where she lives.

The 25-year-old told CNN her passion for literature started when she was in elementary school.

“It’s a great pleasure to be able to turn what I’ve been through and what I’ve seen into writing.”

Sun also uses her feet for other daily tasks – eating with chopsticks, brushing her hair and using her smartphone.

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Sun Lukang types on her smart phone with two toes. She has published four books since 2005.

Sun’s doctor parents decided she should drop out of school when she finished primary education due to health reasons.

Newly wed

Although reluctant, Sun obeyed. She says she had since been focusing on writing at home, and taught herself to do so at college level.

Sun says the difficulties never stopped her from trying to inspire her readers through writing. 

She attributes her optimistic view of life to her parents. 

“My parents has long ago implanted the idea that I could do anything as others do, and even better. I’ve never thought myself any different than other people—I’m even more normal than normal people.”

Sun told CNN she is very grateful for her husband's support of her career as a writer.

Sun got married in February. She says she is grateful for her husband’s support of her career.

A freelance writer, Sun says her goal is to establish a media company in her hometown.

“I want to help ordinary people realize their publication dream.”

CNN’s Beijing intern Anna Kook contributed to the report.