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John Kasich isn't talking down the amount of time he has invested in Michigan

The Ohio governor hopes for a strong showing

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Just before polls close in Michigan’s primary John Kasich isn’t talking down the amount of time he has invested there.

The Ohio governor, who has focused on Tuesday’s contest in Michigan since he won silver in New Hampshire more than a month ago, said he felt he might well come in second – in part because of how many events he has held there.

“If I spend any more time in Michigan, I have to start paying taxes,” Kasich told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “We’d like to finish the deal – but that’s up to the voters of Michigan.”

Kasich is facing a do-or-die test in Ohio next Tuesday, his home state that he has pledged to win. The Ohio governor is locked in a tight race there with national frontrunner Donald Trump.

But Kasich still offered that he will compete elsewhere – he plans to campaign in Illinois and “maybe” Missouri, which both also vote March 15. Kasich reiterated that an Ohio win would reset the race, but he declined to spell out exactly how that would happen given his poor position in the delegate race.

“When you get ahead of yourself in this business, that’s when you stumble,” he said.