How 'Downton Abbey' fans faced the series finale

'Downton Abbey' creator talks about final season
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    'Downton Abbey' creator talks about final season


'Downton Abbey' creator talks about final season 08:23

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  • The beloved PBS series ended Sunday night
  • Its creator hasn't ruled out other "Downton" projects

(CNN)Bloody well done, "Downton Abbey."

The hit British TV series ended in the U.S. and Canada on Sunday night on PBS, and fans had to bid farewell to the Dowager Countess, Lady Mary, Tom and the rest of their favorite characters. No spoilers, but let's just say there were lots of happy endings.
But how did fans react to the loss of one of their favorite series?
    There were tears, tea and some hilarity in the form of alternate endings.
    With a nod to the fact that AMC's "Walking Dead" also aired Sunday night, one fan tweeted, "Hoped the end of Downton Abbey would be Lord Grantham looking out the window at a horde cresting the hill and saying 'The zombies are here.' "
    Cheers to the person who tweeted "Dowager Countess wakes up next to Dumbledore and it was all a dream."
    "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes told the New York Times that this might not be the end. He hasn't ruled out a spinoff or some other related project.
    "Let's see what happens," Fellowes said. "I like the idea of seeing it as something that is continuing, as opposed to finishing with Manderley burning down and that story's over."
    Executive producer Gareth Neame told The Associated Press that he and Fellowes would be open to doing a "Downton" movie.
    "We're having detailed thinking about it all," Neame said. "But there's a lot to be worked out. Turning a TV show into a movie is not straightforward, it doesn't happen very often, and it's not uncomplicated."