CNN election night gets the 'SNL' treatment

'SNL' mocks Trump's hand-size feud
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    'SNL' mocks Trump's hand-size feud


'SNL' mocks Trump's hand-size feud 01:03

(CNN)"Saturday Night Live" continued its decades-long tradition of lambasting politics, parodying Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney -- and CNN's Jake Tapper.

Acting as Tapper, Beck Bennett anchored a few minutes of CNN election night coverage.
The satirical coverage dipped into speeches from Trump and Clinton, with attention paid to Chris Christie's appearance alongside the Republican front-runner on Tuesday night.
The clip ends with the faux-Tapper interviewing Mitt Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis, about the former Republican presidential nominee's recent vocal condemnation of Trump.
    "Do you think your speech hurt Trump at all?" he asks.
    "Honestly, I would assume it probably helped him," Sudeikis said, before closing out the skit with the obligatory "live from New York, it's Saturday night."