Sanders to Clinton: 'Excuse me, I'm talking'

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  • Pro-Clinton group calls Sanders comment his "Rick Lazio moment"
  • "Excuse me, I'm talking," Sanders told Clinton

(CNN)Allies of Hillary Clinton are calling out Bernie Sanders for snapping at the former secretary of state in a pair of tense exchanges during the Democratic presidential debate on Sunday night in Flint, Michigan.

"Excuse me, I'm talking," Sanders told Clinton as she attempted to interrupt his argument about the Wall Street and auto bailouts.
Correct the Record, an independent group that backs Clinton's campaign, emailed the clip to reporters, describing it as Sanders' "Rick Lazio moment."
    That's a reference to former New York senate candidate Rick Lazio, then a Republican congressman, who in a 2000 debate with Clinton walked across the stage demanding she sign a campaign finance reform pledge. His entreaty was widely panned and considered by some observers to be an unseemly intrusion into Clinton's personal space.
    In another tense exchange in Flint, Sanders responded to Clinton's interjection into his comments on gun control, asking sharply, "Can I finish, please?"