CNN Student News - March 4, 2016

CNN Student News - 3/04/16


    CNN Student News - 3/04/16


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March 4, 2016

New sanctions and an act of defiance characterize a back-and-forth between the United Nations Security Council and North Korea. Another earthquake strikes near Indonesia but leaves little damage, though memories are still vivid of a catastrophe in 2004. New research indicates the dodo might not have been a dodo, and a video service aims to provide a fresh perspective on sports.
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1. What is the type of calendar that is currently in use and is named for the 16th Century pope who introduced it?
2. Name Lebanon's capital, where a "river of garbage" continues to swell following last year's shutdown of a major landfill.
3. As discussed on Tuesday's show, nearly 40 percent of what food grown in the U.S. goes to animal feed?
4. In which nation, the world's largest democracy, is the newspaper industry growing while it declines in many other countries?
5. Name the two front-runners (one Democrat and one Republican) in the U.S. presidential nomination process.
6. Name the U.S. astronaut who recently returned to Earth after spending almost a year at the International Space Station.
7. In what ocean would you find Reunion Island, where a part from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was found last July?
8. In what island nation, which is located about 1,300 miles west of Reunion Island, was airplane debris recently discovered?
9. Sumatra is the name of the largest island in what nation?
10. What kind of bird, which was extinct by the 1600s, was recently determined to have had a brain size similar to that of a pigeon?
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