Hillary Clinton revels in Donald Trump-Marco Rubio feud

Story highlights

  • The Democratic front-runner released a Twitter video on Thursday, hours before the next GOP debate
  • The video uses footage of the last Republican debate

Washington (CNN)As the GOP erupts into civil war, Hillary Clinton is happy to sit back and watch. And tweet.

The Democratic front-runner's campaign released a Twitter video on Thursday, hours before the next GOP debate, mocking the back-and-forth on the other side of the aisle, while promoting Democrats as the only reasonable option.
"This week, Democrats called for kindness and unity. Meanwhile, over in the Republican race..." she wrote, linking to the video.
    In it, clips play of her calling for more "love and kindness" and she also features a clip of her opponent, Bernie Sanders, saying people should come together and not let "the Donald Trumps of the world" divide them.
    The video then cuts to the last Republican debate, with Trump calling Florida Sen. Marco Rubio a "choke artist" and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz a "liar" and the field fighting to get a word in edgewise.
    It continues with more footage from the past week of insults tossed between the candidates, including Rubio implying Trump wet his pants during the debate, Trump spraying a water bottle around onstage to mock Rubio, and a litany of personal attacks on each others' appearance and bodily functions.
    The video reflects a growing concern for the GOP that as Democrats line up behind Clinton, the Republicans' infighting will become a liability in a general election.
    Also on Thursday, 2012 nominee Mitt Romney delivered a speech decrying Trump's candidacy. Trump responded in kind in his own campaign speech later in the day.