Breakup service does lovers’ dirty work

Editor’s Note: This article is one in an occasional series about “living solo,” by choice or by circumstance.

Story highlights

The Breakup Shop will ditch your significant other for you

Services include a text, a phone call and a "breakup box"

Some say it's cowardly while others it as an outgrowth of online life

CNN  — 

“Cuffing season” is coming to a close.

As the frigid weather gives way to spring, Netflix-and-chill sessions are replaced with outdoor activities, and your winter cuddle buddy may start to lose their appeal.

In that case, the breakup brothers are at your service.

The Canadian duo, Mackenzie and Evan Keast, will cut relations with your significant other – for a price. Their most popular options, the breakup text and breakup phone call, cost $10 and $29, respectively. Rush order is available for an additional fee.

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