'Trump' as anti-Latino epithet: Ugly incidents at high school games

Fans of Andrean High School held up a picture of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and shouted chants like "Build a Wall" during a basketball game against Bishop Noll Institute on Friday in Merrillville, Indiana.

Story highlights

  • High school students in Iowa and Indiana hurl "Trump" insults at Latino students during basketball game.
  • One spectator held up a large Trump face cutout
  • "The word 'Trump' is now becoming a form of hate," says Iowa Latino organization leader

(CNN)In high school basketball games 400 miles apart, spirited rivalry gave way to racial strife when some students chanted "Trump" as an epithet directed at Latino students.

On Friday, students from Bishop Noll Institute students in Hammond, Indiana, traveled to Andrean High School in nearby Merrillville for a basketball game.
"During the course of that game, a group of Andrean students produced signs and images of presidential candidate Donald Trump and began to chant 'Build that wall,' at the Bishop Noll team and fans, who are heavily Hispanic," the Catholic Dioceses of Gary, which oversees both schools, said in a statement.
    Ashley Howard was at the game cheering for her cousin, who plays for Bishop Noll.
    "When I looked across the gym, the signs that I saw from Andrean were the Trump fathead posters, the ESPN Deportes sign, a sign from 'Dora the Explorer,' and the 'Family Guy' Hispanic maid," Howard told CNN. She posted two photos from the game on her Facebook page. One showed a young man holding up a large Donald Trump face cutout. The second showed a group holding a banner reading "ESPN Deportes."
    "Deportes" is Spanish for sports.
    The signs, she said were coupled with chants like "Build a wall," "No comprende" and "Speak English."
    "It was disturbing," said Howard. "I was shocked. After a while not seeing the administration come over and say that was enough, I was disgusted. I coach volleyball at another high school. I was more disappointed in the adults."
    CNN calls to Andrean High School Principal Rick Piwowarski were not immediately returned, but Diocese of Gary spokeswoman Debbie Bosak told CNN that school administrators were quick to respond.
    Fans of Andrean High School held up a sign that reads "ESPN deportes" and a poster of Donald Trump at a game in Merrillville, Indiana on Friday.
    "There is a false perception that this was allowed to continue," Bosak told CNN. "As soon as admini