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The morning after Donald Trump won a commanding victory in the Nevada Republican caucuses, Marco Rubio insisted that “a majority of Republican voters in this country do not want Donald Trump to be the nominee.”

Rubio, who finished more than 20 points behind Trump, attributed Trump’s continued dominance of the GOP field to the fractured crowd of alternatives.

Who’s in? Who’s out? 2016 presidential candidates

“I think that’s been pretty clear now, The problem is that they’re divided up among four people … in South Carolina it was five people. Before that it was seven people,” Rubio said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

“Until there’s some consolidation here, you’re not going to have a clear alternative to Donald Trump,” he said. “If we don’t come together, we’re never going to be able to provide a clear alternative to the direction that Donald Trump wants to take the Republican Party and the country.”

And Rubio criticized Trump for substituting anger for vision.

“While anger and frustration can motivate you to do something, you’ve got to know what you’re going to do, and voters deserve to know how you’re going to do it,” the Florida senator said. “He tells you what the result is going to be, but he refuses to outline how we’re going to achieve these things, and voters deserve to know that.”

Rubio, who has been making the case he is the only viable alternative to Trump left in the GOP field, has yet to win a primary or caucus state. But he predicted a win in his home state of Florida, during an appearance on CBS’ “This Morning.”

“We will win in Florida,” he said, noting that his prospects were boosted there since former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush dropped out of the presidential race.

CNN’s Chloe Scretchings contributed to this report.