5-year-old Louisiana girl saves blind grandmother from fire

Story highlights

  • Five-year-old Cloe Woods visited a Kenner, Louisiana, firehouse with her pre-kindergarten class in October
  • This week, she led her blind grandmother out of a house after hearing a fire alarm, a fire official says

(CNN)A child's memory can be an amazing -- and, in this case -- lifesaving thing.

Recalling a fall field trip to a firehouse with her prekindergarten class, 5-year-old Cloe Woods saved her blind grandmother from a fire inside their Kenner, Louisiana, home, a fire official in that New Orleans suburb said Saturday.
Kenner Fire Department District Chief Patrick Ardeneaux told CNN that Woods heard a smoke detector go off around 7 a.m. Wednesday, then went into another bedroom and woke up her blind grandmother.
    The 5-year old then led her grandmother outside and to a neighbor's house where they dialed 911, according to Ardeneaux.
    Police and firefighters took it from there, working together to extinguish the blaze that they believe was sparked by food left on a stove.
    Ardeneaux, the Kenner district fire chief, recalled that his department hosted Woods' class during a field trip in October.
    "All the schools come to the fire house, we show them around, give them a safety talk," he said. "It just happened to stick with this one little girl."