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Hillary Clinton's past debate moments
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Britney Spears met Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas Thursday night, but didn’t officially endorse the presidential candidate.

Spears posted two photos with Clinton on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, originally using the #ImWithHer hashtag on Instagram before editing the post and removing it. The #ImWithHer hashtag is used by her endorsers and supporters on social media.

Spears tweeted, “Being in Vegas for #PieceOfMe is amazing for so many reasons… Especially when you get to meet @HillaryClinton!”

“Piece of Me” is the name of Spears’ rolling show in Las Vegas, where she performs her hit songs from the last 15 years since she became a pop star.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Such an inspiration and beautiful voice for women around the world!!! This woman had an intense presence and I felt very honored to meet her!!!”

Clinton is in Nevada for last-minute campaigning efforts ahead of the caucuses on Saturday.

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