CNN Student News - February 19, 2016

CNN Student News - 2/19/16


    CNN Student News - 2/19/16


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February 19, 2016

The role and significance of the European Union leads off today's show, as international leaders meet in Belgium. That report is followed by an explanation of what happens if the U.S. Supreme Court is split 4-4 on a given case. And after a random fact involving a reindeer on a submarine, we're taking you to the two U.S. states holding presidential nominating contests this Saturday.
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1. Name the U.S. Supreme Court justice who was confirmed in 1986 by a Senate vote of 98-0.
2. The state of Chiapas, where Pope Francis made a visit this week, is located near Mexico's southern border with what country?
3. The recent death of a U.S. Supreme Court justice left how many justices serving on the bench?
4. Following an incident that forced a plane to return to London, the British Airline Pilots Association wants what kind of device classified as an offensive weapon?
5. What is the abbreviation for the group of 12 nations that produce about one-third of the world's total oil?
6. Name the specific body of water between Vietnam and the Philippines where the Paracel Islands are located.
7. What is the name of the subduction zone that extends from Cape Mendocino, California to Vancouver Island, British Columbia?
8. The Apple technology company is fighting a court order to help what U.S. government agency hack a terrorist's iPhone?
9. How many countries are members of the European Union, which is holding a summit in Brussels, Belgium this week?
10. Name the two U.S. states that are holding presidential nominating contests on Saturday, February 20.
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