Marco Rubio won't call Hillary Clinton a 'traitor'

Greenville, South Carolina (CNN)Sen. Marco Rubio declined to agree with a supporter who labeled Hillary Clinton a "traitor" at a rally in Greenville, South Carolina, on Thursday, preferring instead to stick to his usual attacks on the former secretary of state's record.

Rubio was delivering the part of his stump speech where he criticizes the Democratic presidential candidates -- mocking Sen. Bernie Sanders for being a socialist and knocking Clinton for the Benghazi attack that occurred during her tenure at State.
A man in the intimate crowd at a Crossfit gym yelled, "She's a traitor!"
Rubio quickly disagreed with that label.
"I don't know, I wouldn't go that far, sir," Rubio said.
    The man continued to shout about Benghazi, but the Florida senator took that as an opportunity to get back on track.
    "Let's talk about Benghazi, I think that disqualifies her to be commander in chief," he said, picking up his stump speech again.
    The crowd applauded and the man in the crowd remained quiet as he continued his rally.
    South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who endorsed Rubio on Wednesday, was onstage next to him throughout.