Prince's passport photo is pretty spectacular.

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Prince tweeted his passport photo

It's pretty epic

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Forget about Blue Steel. You need to get into this Purple Passion.

The one and only Prince never does anything average, so when it came time to renew his passport he stepped up with a photo that shames all of ours.

Seriously, like who looks like this in their passport photo?!

The Majestic One, aka Prince Rogers Nelson, tweeted the image so the world could enjoy it in its piercing glory.

Allow us to break down why this picture is everything:

Prince is 57 years old

Get into the skin of this almost 60-year-old man. It is as supple as if he is using a moisturizer made of unicorn tears and all our hopes and dreams.

That coif

Like Beyonce, we like our baby’s hair with baby hair and Afros. Enough said.

The smoky eye

Watch as many YouTube makeup tutorials as you want, you will never achieve Prince’s doe-eyed perfection. Please believe this.

His gaze

It’s a look which conveys complete serenity and fabulousness from a man who never meant to cause you any sorrow.

The singer has an upcoming tour in Australia and New Zealand. So consider this your heads-up, border agents.