Meet the pop-singing nuns performing for the Pope

"Siervas" took the Internet by storm late last year.

Mexico City (CNN)A group of pop-singing nuns will perform before Pope Francis on Wednesday, thanks in part to a viral video that made them an overnight sensation.

"Siervas" or "The Servants," took the Internet by storm late last year after the band posted a music video to YouTube.
The clip, "Confía en Dios" or "Trust in God," has been viewed more than 270,000 times. It shows the 12 sisters playing classical and rock instruments, and singing their catchy tune in their religious robes on top of a rooftop helipad.
"We posted our video online only a few months ago and couldn't believe how popular it became," Sister Monica, one of the group's leaders told CNN. "A Mexican priest watched it and messaged us saying, 'Come to Mexico,' so we did."
    The Peru-based nuns are scheduled to perform in the city of Juarez, the final stop in the Vatican leader's Mexican tour. They will be the warm-up act before his last Mass of the trip.
    The group's unique blend of rock instruments and religious hymns has made them popular among Catholics and non-Catholics alike, with nearly 30,000 followers on Facebook.
    For Sister Cindy, the band's standup bass player, the trip is a dream come true.
    "I went to the Brazil [in 2013] during the Pope's trip there and got to see him in the popemobile, but never dreamed I would actually get to play for him," she said. "Words cannot begin to express how overwhelmed I am."
    In addition to playing in Juarez, Siervas will have gigs in Mexico City, Chihuahua and San Juan del Rio.
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    They will also be performing charity work in soup kitchens and schools throughout their trip.
    The sisters are hoping their online success will help transmit their faith to a wider audience.
    "The Lord is always present in our lives, even in the tough times," said Sister Andrea, who is originally from Argentina. "I think our video brings a very universal message that people connect to."
    The international ensemble, which has been together for a little over a year, includes members from China, Japan, Ecuador and Chile, among others.
    Despite the group's diversity, they all speak the same language when singing in unison and expressing their "Trust in God."
    "Our faith speaks volumes," Sister Cindy said. "That is what we are hoping to transmit to Pope Francis and to young people around the world."