First on CNN: Cruz ad paints Trump as unprincipled

Story highlights

  • Ted Cruz plans to use a recent Fox News interview with Donald Trump against him
  • The new television ad will air in South Carolina

Washington (CNN)Ted Cruz plans to use a recent Fox News interview with Donald Trump as the latest sign of how malleable Trump's beliefs truly are.

In a new television spot that will begin airing in South Carolina on Tuesday, Cruz continues to highlight Trump's previous comments in favor of Planned Parenthood and abortion rights. Now adding to those remarks on paid media is Trump's brag that he is "very capable of changing to anything I want to change to," a comment that Cruz's campaign believes is a sign of his disregard for conservative principles.
"That's for sure," the narrator says, leading the viewer through the "change" comment and his professed support for partial-birth abortion, Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton.
    "South Carolina cannot trust Donald Trump," he says, later adding, "Don't give him that chance."
    The spot comes as Trump dramatically escalates his attacks on Cruz ahead of South Carolina's primary on Saturday.
    On Monday, Trump spent almost an hour lashing into Cruz before reporters, charging that he is a liar who cannot be trusted.
    Much of the advertising against Trump by both Cruz's campaign and his super PACs has tried to use Trump's previous, often dated comments to television interviewers against him.