The PBS Democratic Debate in GIFs

Washington (CNN)Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went at it on a debate stage for the first time since the New Hampshire primary. The remaining two Democratic presidential candidates squared off on a range of issues, including race, immigration and how to defend President Obama's legacy during a debate moderated by PBS in Milwaukee and simulcast on CNN ahead of a looming caucus in Nevada and a primary in South Carolina.

Here are the greatest moments of the night captured in GIFs.
When Hillary Clinton was asked whether she agreed with former Secretary of State Madeline Albright's statement that "there's a special place in Hell" for women who don't help each other.
Sen. Sanders (I-Vermont) itched to get a word in when Clinton urged him to stop making promises on which she said that the government couldn't deliver.
    When Sanders' responded with surprise to Gwen Ifill's request that they talk about white people and race relations, Ifill responded: "I know."
    Sanders likely had some thoughts when Clinton discussed her individual campaign contributions in comparison to his.
    When Clinton said she was troubled by Sanders' personal assessments of President Obama that he was "weak" and a "disappointment."
    "One of us ran against Barack Obama -- I was not that candidate," Sanders said.
      Sanders took some issues with Clinton's arguments about his foreign policy.
      And after their closing statements, the debate ended. But first, this audience member wanted to take a selfie.