CNN Student News - February 12, 2016

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    CNN Student News - 2/12/16


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February 12, 2016

What's a bull market, what's a bear market, and what kind do some analysts say the U.S. may be headed for? We're exploring these concepts today. We're also taking you inside Syria's largest city, where some areas are filled with markets and shoppers and others are only rubble. Reports on Presidents Day, Valentine's Day, and lightning as viewed from space prove that Fridays are awesome.
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1. During what century was artificial food coloring invented and introduced in the U.S., gradually replacing natural coloring?
2. What did the nation of North Korea launch last weekend, resulting in national pride and international condemnation?
3. Name the candidate who won Tuesday's Republican primary in New Hampshire.
4. Name the candidate who won Tuesday's Democratic primary in New Hampshire.
5. On what island did a magnitude-6.4 earthquake strike last weekend, killing dozens of people and leveling an apartment building?
6. At a cost of $765 million, Morocco has invested heavily in a massive plant that produces what?
7. Name one of the two U.S. states that are holding presidential contests on February 20.
8. LIGO observatories in Louisiana and Washington are trying to detect theoretical space-time "ripples" known as what?
9. International researchers say 2015 was a record year for what kind of animal-related event, with 98 incidents recorded worldwide?
10. What is the name of Syria's largest city, a place that has been the front line for much of the fighting in the nation's civil war?
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