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The Cruz campaign called Donald Trump's White House bid "the Seinfeld candidacy"

"The whole campaign is about nothing," said Cruz's national spokesman

CNN —  

The national spokesman for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is calling the Donald Trump campaign “the Seinfeld candidacy,” because as he puts it, “The whole campaign is about nothing.”

Rick Tyler told CNN’s Erin Burnett that Trump says “nothing about immigration, nothing about job creation, nothing about what’s going on in North Korea, nothing about ISIS. I mean this is amazing.”

Tyler said Cruz is running a campaign about conservative issues and that Trump fails to discuss the issues because he isn’t a true conservative.

Both Trump and Cruz are eying key primaries in southern states starting with South Carolina, which holds its primary February 20.

Tyler added that “Donald Trump’s own worst enemy is himself.”

CNN has reached out to Trump’s campaign for response.