David Bowie's son announces he would have been a grandfather

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  • David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, announces a child is coming in June
  • Bowie learned the news this past Christmas

(CNN)The world mourned when David Bowie passed away one month ago, and we now know another wrinkle to the story.

Bowie's son Duncan Jones, who confirmed his father's passing to the world, made a big announcement on Wednesday.
"1 month since dad died today," he tweeted.
    "Made this card for him at Christmas. Due in June. Circle of life. Love you, granddad."
    For the first time, we learned that Bowie knew he had a grandchild on the way before he died.
    Bowie's fans on Twitter, and the late rock star's official Facebook page, congratulated Jones and his wife, Rodene.

    DUNCAN AND RODENE JONES BABY DUE IN JUNE“...like my grandfather Jones...”Congratulations to Duncan and Rodene Jones...

    Posted by David Bowie on Wednesday, February 10, 2016