New Hampshire's 'presidential selfie girls' pick Hillary Clinton

Story highlights

  • Addy and Emma Nozell took selfies with all of the 2016 presidential candidates
  • After meeting them all, they chose to endorse Hillary Clinton

Washington (CNN)You may know them as the "selfie girls," but New Hampshire teens Addy and Emma Nozell have been fully immersed in Granite State politics this election cycle.

After setting off on a mission this summer to take a selfie with each presidential candidates, the sisters became a familiar fixture on the trail in the Granite State.
They've attended dozens of political events and rallies over the past several months and caught up with the crowded field of presidential candidates, from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley -- both of whom dropped out before the New Hampshire primary -- to GOP front-runner Donald Trump and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.
    And just in time for the first-in-the-nation voters to weigh in, Addy and Emma are proud to announce their mission accomplished. After months of weighing their options, the presidential selfie sisters are now endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
    "I choose Hillary because, to me, she's the most qualified and she was the secretary of state," Addy, 18, told CNN in a phone interview Tuesday. "She has the ability to communicate with people very well. She also supports women power, which to me and my sister is important."
    And while Emma, 16, is not old enough to vote -- and had her eye on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio earlier this election season -- she said that she fully agrees with her sister's decision to vote for Clinton.
    "I think it came down to who's most qualified," Addy said.
    Clinton has trailed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in recent polling and in particular has had trouble winning over young voters, particularly young women.
    "I've known her for a while so there is that connection for me," said Addy, who met Clinton for the first time as a young child.
    "Bernie brings other issues to the table, I suppose, but I think for us ... having so many years of experience with politics, we see more in Hillary," she said. "All these people who are just joining in now, they're not really sure what they want. They just hear something and they say, 'Oh, that sounds good.' "