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Chris Christie spotlighted his high-profile shutdown of Marco Rubio at Saturday’s Republican debate, saying Sunday it effectively ended the “chattering class” anointment of the Florida senator.

“I think the whole race changed last night. Because you know there was a march among the chattering class to anoint Sen. Rubio,” the New Jersey governor told Jake Tapper during CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I think after last night, that’s over. So I think there could be four or five tickets out of New Hampshire because the race is so unsettled now.”

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Christie scored big with pundits and debate-watchers Saturday when he repeatedly interrupted Rubio, as the Florida senator tried to score a hit on him.

As Rubio criticized Christie’s fiscal management skills, the New Jersey governor cut in, “That’s what Washington D.C. does: the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information. And then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what his advisers gave him.”

When Rubio repeated the attack again later, Christie parried it again, “There it is, there it is the memorized, 25-second speech,” he said. “There it is everybody.”