The changing face of family

Story highlights

  • Vincent Gouriou has taken portraits of many different families in France
  • His photos include same-sex couples, single parents and transgender people

(CNN)The traditional concept of family has evolved over the years.

Gone are the days when it was just a husband and wife and maybe some children. Now, whether it includes a single parent or maybe an LGBT couple, people are redefining what it means to be a family.
Family is "all about giving and receiving love and affection," photographer Vincent Gouriou said. It's about "feeling protected (and) connecting with other human beings."
    His portraits show a variety of families in France. One of his favorites is the one of Anne and Veronique and their twins -- the first photo in the gallery above. The same-sex couple had to travel to Belgium to get the in-vitro fertilization they couldn't get in France.
    "The story behind the photo makes it even powerful," Gouriou said. "Knowing the obstacles they faced, what they have gone through to have these children, adds another dimension to what could otherwise have been a typical family photo. The darker palette hints at these struggles, and helps to juxtapose the image against typical happy family photos."
    Photographer Vincent Gouriou