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Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are locked in a tense contest for the Republican nomination and Cruz has taken aim at his rival on immigration. Jake Tapper checks the claims as part of a partnership with


In an attack on Senator Marco Rubio’s stance on immigration, Senator Ted Cruz makes two overly broad accusations that distort Rubio’s position.

* Cruz claims Rubio “advocates amnesty for criminals who are here illegally.” But Rubio supports deporting felons, and he has supported legislation that would bar legal status for those with three or more misdemeanors and those with a single serious misdemeanor, such as a domestic violence or drunk driving offense.

* Cruz claims Rubio said “that he would not revoke President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty on the first day in office.” Rubio said he wouldn’t immediately revoke Obama’s 2012 order protecting so-called “Dreamers” – young people brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents. But Rubio has said he would revoke Obama’s 2014 executive action that protects as many as 5 million adults from deportation.

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