Inside Asia's largest garbage dump

Published 9:05 AM ET, Fri February 5, 2016
NASA Deonar satelliteNASA Deonar satellite
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A NASA image shows the extent of a smoke plume from a huge blaze at the Deonar garbage dump in Mumbai. NASA
The Deonar dump is one of the world's largest, and in January suffered a huge blaze which blacked out the sky.
The dump is home to thousands of scavengers, says one man who makes his living from the giant trash heap. Euan McKirdy/CNN
The dump is surrounded on three sides by slums -- which critics say is the reason the government won't make any effort to provide basic services. Mallika Kapur/CNN
Following the January 28 fire, the blaze carried on for days and even a week later patches could be seen smoldering. Mallika Kapur//CNN
The dump receives 4,000 tons of trash a day, the government says. Sanjiv Talreja/CNN
It stretches for 138 hectares and is the city's oldest trash dumping site. Sanjiv Talreja/CNN
Critics say the conditions at the dump cause respiratory and other illnesses in neighborhood children. Euan McKirdy/CNN
The area lacks basic sanitation and water supplies, residents tell CNN. Euan McKirdy/CNN
While thousands make their living from the dump, it should be razed and replaced with housing for the neighborhood slum dwellers, one advocate tells CNN. Euan McKirdy/CNN